Let The Home Educating Adventure Begin!

I started looking into home educating in 2017 after realising that my then 7-year-old son T wasn’t happy in school. He began refusing to go (but was still going), and on a few occasions, he came out of school upset and crying. Overall he was becoming less confident, and talking about himself negatively saying such things as ‘I’m rubbish at everything”“My writing is so bad”“No one likes me” etc Like any parent I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem and to try and help him to have a good schooling experience. I spoke positively about school, discussed ways in which he could feel better about it, and techniques that he could use to avoid isolation at playtime (this was a major problem for him), but none of this helped, he was just not happy. I identified that his unhappiness wasn’t due to any bullying (him bullying or him being bullied) and spoke with his teacher who advised that she was shocked that he was so unhappy as she had no concerns about him and that he was getting on OK academically…

So Why Didn’t He Like School?

Like the majority of children,  T is a very curious child that questions everything. This curiosity was completely nurtured in EYFS, however, once he hit KS2, this curiosity was being rapidly dismissed, which was damaging his self-esteem. I believe that his only saving grace confidence wise was taking part in out of school activities, such as swimming, music, art and cubs, enabling him to refill his cup after being completely emptied at school.

So after a year of educating myself about home educating and a lot of deliberating (Can I do this? Is it the right thing for him? Will I damage him? Will I have time to work?), I decided to take the plunge and begin home educating as I genuinely believe that this is the best route for him as an individual in terms of his overall confidence, growth and well-being.

I set up this blog to document our journey and to share our story in the event that it may help others thinking about taking the plunge…

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