Home Educating – What We Learned Today

Today was our first official Home Education meet up, The Greeks’ Takeover at Manchester Art Gallery an activity open to both schools and home ed groups. The company was great, and it was wonderful (for me mostly) to meet and talk to other ‘established’ home ed parents.

The morning consisted of a very traditional ‘school trip ‘ set up, a lovely knowledgeable story teller guided us through the gallery, providing an interactive tour. I was enjoying it! However around 30 minutes into the 2 hour session I realised that T was not. I put this down to settling in to new surroundings with new people so encouraged him to sit with the other children and to try and join in when asked. He sat with the other children, however they were very engrossed in the workshop with most of them participating, so there was no communication between him and the other children. Seeing his discomfort I sat by him and asked him what was wrong, his reply was “This is too much like school” and then it clicked with me – this is not what to do when deschooling! So soon after we left session (with much understanding from the more experienced parents!) and reflected over an apple juice and cake in the gallery cafe. Even though he’s always shown interest in Greek stories / mythology (the main reason I booked him on) he felt as though he was being taught and not learning of his own accord, he even stated “It smells like school”.

So the unexpected lesson we (I) learned today is a better understanding of the importance of focusing on deschooling, and to concentrate on playing & child led learning rather than taking him to places where he feels as though he’s being taught until the whole school thing is out of his system! .

Before we left one of the other parents suggested a play date on Thursday, this will be a great opportunity for him to connect with other children and form new home ed friendships in a non learning environment, so very much looking forward to that!

3 thoughts on “Home Educating – What We Learned Today

  1. Sounds like a great educational opportunity at an art gallery. But I totally get the whole ‘like school’ thing. Not because I’ve experienced that myself as my two have never been to school, but I myself learn better by investigating myself, rather than being taught at. No doubt you’ll go back again just the two of you and it’ll be a whole different experience for him. Good luck on your home ed journey! We’re only 5 months in, but my two are only 5 years old (twins) so it’s all play play play still!


    • Yes I totally hear you, I just didn’t expect him to say that, the ‘smells like school’ bit got me the most! It was a good morning though as met lots of other families (some having deschooled and others never schooled) and they were all lovely so looking forward to having as many play dates as possible, and playing lots & lots at home! Aw two 5 year olds, I bet they’re loving it, such a lovely age!


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