Is it lazy letting sleeping teenagers lie?

I know he’s only 8 so not a teenager yet  – but this has just settled my mum guilt a bit re sleep routine! Thank you Ross Mountney! 🙂

Ross Mountney's Notebook

 Five thirty every morning and a cheery little infant face would be pushed into mine. We could almost set our clocks by our early risers when they were little and nothing we seemed to do changed it. We tried keeping them up later, lots of exercise, busy days. It didn’t work. We just ended up with tired grumpy children.

Fast forward ten years and it was a miracle if our teenagers were up before midday. Then we had to make the decision as home educators; do we get them up to get on, or do we leave them to sleep and work later?

I got into a fierce argument about this with an old traditionalist non-home educator once. His argument was that lying in bed till midday was ‘lazy’. My argument was, if they’re doing the work later, studying till the early hours and in the case of one family…

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