Home Educating Fifth Week

Most of this week was spent at Ribby Hall (see previous blog posts!). We stayed in a cute little cottage, visited the swimming pool (and its epic slide) daily, met a variety of animals at the Wild Discovery Centre, had a joint Archery lesson and positively sucked at Squash! (I still love it though – I went to play it again today!)

I also realised that T much prefers being self-sufficient, rather than being told what to do, so looking at ways to facilitate this…

Friday, Saturday & Sunday have been more chilled in terms of activities, however, T did make cupcakes, taught himself how to use the cut / magic wand tool on Photoshop, and we played a few games of hangman, and had a go at painting Chinese lettering. The rest was spent walking our dog at Etherow Park (he missed her so much while we were away!) and visiting family.

We will be spending this week concentrating on The Big Journal Growth Mindset Printouts. These were recommended to me by a lovely home educating mum on Instagram to help T confidence-wise and to help him to have a healthy attitude with regard failure etc (see post Sucking at Squash), so very much looking forward to seeing if he likes them!

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