Wild Discovery Centre at Ribby Hall

When booking our little getaway at Ribby Hall, one of the activities mentioned on the website was visiting the Wild Discovery Centre. Now, having an animal loving 8 year old, this was something that we didn’t want to miss out on, but I did have my reservations, I mean how could they possibly fit a zoo within the holiday village?! I read a few reviews on Trip Advisor and they were mixed, some saying it was great, some complaining about the extra entrance fee (£7 adult, £6 child), and others saying that there wasn’t much to see and that it was a waste of money as it was all over in 10 minutes…!

Regardless of some of the negative reviews, I thought we would check it out. We arrived at 11am, and were greeted by a friendly, kind, informative lady at the entrance, she advised us of the various animal meets / talks that keepers were delivering throughout the day, and gave us a receipt of payment so that we could visit the next day. The zoo looks more like a farm, and from the outset looks quite unassuming and small. We followed the track and started encountering the animals. These varied from Dwarf mongooses and Wallabies to Porcupines and Sheep to name a few!

We spent at least three hours exploring and looking at the animals, and had a chance to feed some Fruit and Seba bats in the bat house, meet and feed the meerkats and porcupines, pet some sheep and meet Miss Piggles the huge friendly pig that spends most of her day snoring (really loudly!) and loves nothing more than a back rub and cuddles!

If you’re visiting Ribby Hall, I would definitely recommend paying to visit this area, they have lots of timed talks throughout the day so you can find out more from the friendly keepers about the animals, as well as having the chance to interact at feeding time. It’s a great place to learn!

We ended the visit with a warming hot chocolate from the gift shop, and look forward to returning tomorrow, minus the entry fee:)

(Please note this is a totally unbiased review, we have not been compensated by Ribby Hall or the Wild Discovery Centre!)

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Home Educating – Things He Is Doing That I’m Noticing

“Living is learning and when kids are living fully and energetically and happily they are learning a lot, even if we don’t always know what it is.”

John Holt

Whilst this is all new to us, the fear of the unknown and him not going back to school seems to have faded fast. I’m now experiencing wonderful feelings of excitement and eagerness, its a great feeling, a mixture of relief and clarity.

While I’ve been relishing in these feelings I’ve been observing him. We’ve been hanging around the house most of the day, he’s been playing with our dog, playing minecraft, he’s made himself and his Dad lunch and washed up after himself, now he’s watching youtube clips.

In addition to this I’ve been smiling inside watching and hearing him…

  1. Roaming around the house with no top on
  2. Loudly singing ‘barbie girl’ (Ugh!) at random intervals
  3. Doing crazy random dances at random intervals
  4. Giggling at Youtube Vids

Noticing these little simple things further validates my decision. I know they’re only small things (and it is usually how he is on the weekends!) but its sad to think of him in the past having these same urges during the week at school and not being able to release them, when all he’s doing is being himself & growing! I’m not going to fall into the trap of feeling guilty for sending him to school in the first place (Just mentioning that proved I nearly did!), I’m going to concentrate on feeling glad that I took him out when I did and embrace the fact that from now on I can witness him being himself EVERY DAY!