Animals, Archery and Fun Interactive Slides at Ribby Hall

We woke up around 9am, after a very comfortable nights sleep (as comfortable as you can be with a wriggly long legged 8 year old sleeping next to you!).  After breakfast we ventured out to revisit the Wild Discovery Centre as T was very keen to see Miss Piggles again (their resident pig!) On arrival we were welcomed by a friendly keeper (that remembered us from yesterday!), and we went straight over to the farm yard area. On our way we stopped to look at the tortoises and were greeted by Paul, a volunteer at the Centre. He accompanied us to Miss Piggles, who looked like she was settling down to go to sleep (again!).

After giving her a few back rubs and cuddles, we went into the bat house (it wasn’t feeding time so they were all hiding – unlike yesterday!) on our way back out, we saw Paul again and he asked T if he’d like to help him feed to sheep. T said yes (of course!), and we spent around 15 minutes feeding the sheep and listening to Paul who gave us lots of interesting information about the animals on site. A lovely friendly chap! We then revisited the Exotic area (nice and warm) and watched the lemurs play, and said hello again to the tiny tortoises (T’s favourites) and spotted the Jamaican Boa (we didn’t spot him yesterday). After we had warmed up a bit, we went back outside in the cold to revisit the lovely Kirk ‘DIk, Dik’ (a tiny antelope), the Dwarf Mongoose and the beautiful Wallaby.

After 1 hour or so we decided to leave the Wild Discovery Centre and take a walk along the woodland trail. This is a trail that goes along the perimeter of the holiday village. It’s a nice easy flat walk, burning off just enough energy in time for lunch. After our lunch we went on a pre booked Archery lesson (£9 each). This was situated on the ‘island’ at the back of the health club. It was very cold, but we soon warmed up! Our instructor Jacob briefed us on safety and taught us how to hold the bow and aim. Now this was easier than it looked…after getting the hang of it a bit, we ended up being able to actually hit the target (and not the ground!), Jacob kept score – T was very happy to beat me (hehe!). It was an hour long session and went so fast!

After returning to our lovely little cottage, we had a snack and then headed to the swimming pool in the Health Club (our 3rd visit this week, entrance is included in booking price!) T absolutely loves the pool, it has a couple of Jacuzzi’s, a nice sized pool, with various water features and slides to keep younger and older children entertained. One of the slides for older kids (height restricted) is a huge interactive one that allows you to pick a theme on a touch screen at the top of the slide, each theme plays different music / sounds and lights as you slide down , it was much fun! (I need to invest in a water proof go pro or similar to capture future moments like this!)  After lots of sliding and swimming and me jacuzzi’in, we got out and quickly got ready in the ladies adult changing room as the family rooms were closed. This wasn’t a problem, but I’d imagine that lots of other non parent / paying guests / members were not expecting kids roaming around in their space!

Tomorrow is our last day, we are looking forward to playing Squash (!?!) at the Health Club in the morning (£4 per person), swimming and sliding again in the afternoon, and then visiting the Bar & Grill Restaurant for a meal in the evening, to fill us up for our final night sleep!