Home Educating Third Week

third week home educating

This week has flown by, come to think of it nearly all of January has. I’ve been quite busy in my work this week, I have led 6 workshops and working on finishing an arts council bid for a project I’m working on – which is ridiculously time consuming! In between I have been trying to do all of the usual home stuff whilst trying to ensure that T’s needs are being fulfilled in terms of his learning. In order to fit this in I have been waking T up 1 hour earlier rather than allowing him to wake up naturally, and he had the idea to make a task chart so I don’t always have to tell him what to do!  We created the task chart together – he painted a piece of card board, then talked about his tasks, wrote them on pegs, and created little tags with the days of the week.

On the pegs we wrote;

  • Breakfast
  • Clean teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Feed dog
  • Feed cat
  • Drumming
  • Maths
  • Reading

The very next day he had done all of his tasks by 11.30am, including Maths, which I was very shocked about. Maths has been a touchy subject for the last year or so. In Year 3 his lovely teacher said that she was impressed as he had created his own method for figuring out answers and that she personally wasn’t bothered about it because he always got the answer right, however she was sad to admit that he would have to learn to do it the ‘correct way’ in order to reach targets!  This obviously was one of the main reasons that his confidence was knocked, for the most part of Y3 & his short time in Y4 he had gone from loving the subject to saying negative things like “I’m rubbish at Maths”, “I’m stupid”, “Maths is stupid!”. So in short it was good to know that he wanted Maths on his task chart, and was able to complete it.

He’s been to his usual swimming, cubs, drumming class and had a play date, however we haven’t been to the den! This has been due to part bad weather and part time issues (I usually do 3 workshops per week, not 6!) so hoping to get back out there this week. He hasn’t had trouble bringing the outdoors in though, and has discovered this amazing Youtube channel ‘Evolution Technology’ he has been totally mesmerised by it, making me realise more about just how much he LOVES outdoors, nature & building things. Check out this video below:

I’m still educating myself on home educating and still finding myself explaining home educating to family members. Today I showed my Educational Philosophy to my Dad (he totally gets it) – and think I from now on I may just send it to others when they ask instead of explaining it…! My thought management technique seems to be working at keeping any guilt / anxiety at bay (after my weird wobble last week) so all in all things are good, and I’m looking forward to seeing that this week brings…